When it comes to quality bamboo flooring, we all want the best bamboo flooring products available. Even though bamboo is relatively inexpensive, quality is important and quality can cost a pretty penny. Before the eco-friendly focus on bamboo went in effect, most consumers bought bamboo hardwood flooring because it was inexpensive. And in most cases, you get what you pay for.

Today, bamboo flooring comes in more varieties than it ever has. And thanks to companies like Yanchi, bamboo flooring is affordable and high quality.

In this article we are focusing on Yanchi bamboo flooring products and where to buy this brand at the best prices. This Yanchi bamboo flooring review is based on what we believe to be the most accurate account based on customer feedback. First and foremost, any online flooring company worth a grain of salt will provide free samples. If they do not offer free samples for you to physically look at before committing to your purchase, be sure the company provides a comprehensive guarantee at least. When we sought out the Yannchi brand of bamboo flooring, we found Build Direct to carry well over 20 varieties to choose from, plus they offer free samples.

Favorite Overall Pick in Yanchi Bamboo Flooring Review

Our favorite Yanchi Bamboo flooring product in this review would have to be the 14mm Yanchi Strand Woven flooring. Eco-friendly and affordable, it comes in two great color styles – Natural and Carbonized. The planks are 3 feet long, easy to work with, and some of the strongest lightweight flooring you will find. This beautiful flooring is twice as hard as most red oak and registers nearly 2400 Janka Hardness. We love that this specific Yanchi bamboo product is very stable and the coloring is consistent from case to case.  Everyone loves a warranty, and this impressive 25-year residential, 10-year commercial guarantee makes this product even more appealing. At approximately $2.69-$2.79 (sq.ft.) at Build Direct, you are saving nearly 60% off suggested pricing. For all around consistency and value, this is a great bamboo hardwood flooring option.

Favorite Luxury Pick in Yanchi Bamboo Flooring Review

The Yanchi Strand Woven Click Bamboo Flooring also scores high. This variety costs a bit more due to sheer convenience of installation and strength. At about $3.99 a square foot, this simple to assemble bamboo flooring is also very easy on the eyes. It has an even harder consistency with a Janka Hardness of more than 2,800. This new product has the patented Unilin Glueless Click feature that makes installation a breeze and free of chemical laden glues. For the innovative home decor fans out there, you will likely fall in love with the Tiger color scheme. It comes in Natural, Carbonized and Tiger.

Yanchi Strand Woven Click Lock

If these top two varieties don’t work for you, there are many more Yanchi products to choose from at Build Direct.

We chose to feature Build Direct in this Yanchi bamboo flooring review simply because this flooring manufacturer has taken many steps to improve its green and eco-friendly products to the forefront, while never losing sight of quality and customer service. Buying Yanchi and other bamboo flooring products is very simple at Build Direct because the website is optimized for easy navigation and checkout, while the tools provided make final costs easy to budget. Also, the calculation services available right there at your finger tips helps keep those surprising hidden costs at bay. This is a company that is truly transparent and straight forward. Their reputation for services –  provided with affordable, competitive pricing – makes them a top pick here at BambooHardwoodFlooring.net. Build Direct may not be completely eco-centered, but they are on the road to adjusting to the environments growing need to address over-deforestation. In fact, they were one of the fist major players in the flooring industry to make these changes.

Why a Yanchi Bamboo Flooring Review?

While there are several bamboo flooring manufacturers in the world, Yanchi only employs high-end craftspeople and undertakes innovative manufacturing protocols to produce some of the highest quality bamboo flooring available today. A leader in the Chinese bamboo flooring industry, Yanchi’s continued commitment to providing top quality, eco-minded flooring that is sold cost effectively keeps them in the front of the game. We highly recommend heading to Build Direct now for the best online prices for Yanchi.