Going with bamboo flooring is an easy decision to make once you have the facts and reasons why bamboo flooring is best. The only difficult part of the process could be agreeing on the style with your partner or spouse. Selecting the style of flooring in your house will often come down to price and appearance. Durability is a cinch with bamboo flooring, but with the existing environmental problems some areas of harvest may be under fire from, some companies have begun to cut corners. No worries, we do not advocate or produce recommendations to these companies here at Bamboo Hardwood Flooring. As far as the environment stands still, when it comes to bamboo, there is no better flooring option.

Speed of growth

Bamboo is the swiftest growing plant on the planet (yes, we said plant), and grows more than ten times faster than most hardwood trees do, making an eco-friendly option as it does not destroy a forest to make it. It only takes about 5 years to reach harvest point. Bamboo also grows back without having to be planted again from scratch. Each bamboo plant that has been harvested will grow/branch out many new stalks. The new stalks only need to grow for a matter of months to become full length and are harvested in about another 5 years. Most hardwood trees used for flooring, can take up to sixty years to be fully harvestable. This in itself makes going with bamboo flooring a no brainer if you are eco-friendly. It also makes for affordability due to its abundance.

Benefits our environment and the air we breathe

Bamboo is an exceptional plant for generating high amounts of oxygen. We also learn in grade school that plants generate oxygen, but bamboo generates up to one third more oxygen than a typical hardwood forest does. Bamboo is also remarkable for its ability to reduce carbon dioxide gases. Some studies even find that bamboo plants can remove up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide for each hectare it covers. Again, going with bamboo flooring is a no brainer here.

Good for the land it grows on

Bamboo has a complex root system and produces a hefty canopy. This attribute helps shield the land from erosion (many time caused by heavy rains). Even better, bamboo has high nitrogen consumption, and removes excess nitrogen in the soil it grows in creating a natural filter and healthy soil. Many experts will say this is one of the main reasons bamboo grows so clean and healthy.

More than just a generator for healthy soil, it can also improve soil it is planted in. A soil remedy if you will. Bamboo can be transplanted easily to soil that needs a bit of help being healthy.

Availability makes it an inexpensive alternative

Because bamboo is readily available (even though some counties may have started overharvesting) it is affordable and just as durable and hard as hardwoods. In fact, many now call this a hardwood. This makes going with bamboo flooring even easier.

Simply because hardwood forests are becoming more over-harvested than any country that produces bamboo for flooring, bamboo is still the way to go. Given the grave environmental problems that our planet is suffering from, it is more important each and every day to find more sustainable resources, especially for home building materials. Consumers are now responsible for making the best decisions not only for their budgets, but for the planet’s future. Going with bamboo flooring feeds these needs.  It is interesting that when most consumers first decide to shop for flooring, they are not considering the environment (even to this day), but once they catch wind of all the attributes including quality that bamboo flooring has, they go with bamboo flooring.

Please take the time to browse the store we advocate here at bamboo hardwood Flooring as see what we mean by pricing, availability and quality!