You found this article because you are looking for tips to keep bamboo flooring clean. Or at the very least you are investigating whether bamboo hardwood flooring would make a nice fit for you in your home or office. The do’s and dont’s are simple! Due to growing popularity, bamboo flooring is in demand and very inexpensive (not to mention eco-friendly). Keeping it clean is important to its longevity.

Tips for cleaning bamboo flooring are below:

Loose Debris

A clear (eco-friendly) protective coating will preserve the bamboo below, but the flooring will only look as good as the state the coating is in. Over time the coating can show wear and tear. If you do not sweep and clean routinely it will become scuffed by walking on dirt or sand you track in from outdoors. This is why it is important to keep the floors free of debris to maximize the life of the flooring.

Liquid Spills

While bamboo is water resistant, excessive amounts of water should not be used to clean your floors, depending on the finish of course. For liquid spills on the floor the best resolution is to wipe up the spill using a damp cloth that has been squeezed dry. After removing the spill from the floor, use a dry cloth to wipe the area completely. Seriously tips for cleaning bamboo flooring really are simple and a little common sense is the key to keeping your bamboo clean.


You can save time by vacuuming instead of sweeping, just be careful not to damage the floor by dragging a massive vacuum all over it recklessly. Occasional vacuuming is highly effective in removing more dirt than the average broom or sweep will get.

Mats in Entryway

Another simple tip for cleaning bamboo flooring is keeping mats at all entryways. Mats collect dirt and debris from entering from outside.

Remove Footwear

Many households have adopted the “no shoes inside” theory. Removing shoes at the door is very effective in eliminating outdoor debris. Depending on your taste, asking company to take off their shoes can go either way. It never hurts to ask!

Felt and Padding

Use felt on all the legs of your furniture to prevent scratches that dirt loves to hide in. Since bamboo flooring is mostly smooth, the action of sitting down on some furniture may cause it to slide slightly and move on the floor. Felt tips will guarantee that any movement of the furniture will not harm the finish.

No Wax

You should by no means wax a bamboo floor. Wax will cause adhesion and build-up problems if you ever need to refinish or restore your bamboo floors. The finish may not fuse to the floor correctly after wax has been applied, and this effect may last for many years.

We told you tips for cleaning bamboo flooring were easy and simple. This is another reason bamboo hardwood flooring is so attractive to consumers.