Some of you reading this might be reading about bamboo hardwood flooring for the first time. If this is the case, you are probably envisioning some sort of grass-style floors that cover the ground in a hut. All kidding aside, bamboo hardwood flooring has become the most eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwoods used to fabricate flooring. The only real shame about bamboo flooring is that it took the devastating effects of deforestation to get consumers to realize bamboo hardwood flooring is just as high quality when you buy from top rated producers.

If you have been paying attention when you are out and about looking for home decor products and kitchenware, you have undoubtedly noticed more items made from bamboo than ever before. Everything from shower curtains to clothing is made from this most eco-friendly of products. However more consumers realize the eco-friendliness of bamboo when shopping for household items and clothing than they do when building a new home or shopping for flooring. This website is out to change this. So as to not overwhelm newcomers to the fabulous world of bamboo

First timers will want to consider the following advice for shopping for and selecting bamboo flooring:

First and foremost, go for a bamboo flooring product that is aimed at being effective for the specific climate you live in. Bamboo floor varieties typically include natural, treated or dyed. In most cases, natural bamboo flooring is left in a primitive state, suitable for dry, cold or mostly mild climates. Because natural, unfinished bamboo flooring is more susceptible to water, heat and humidity, this is important to consider. For the most eco-friendly bamboo flooring by natural and finish with a non-toxic finish and or dye that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you live in a tropical, humid region, you will want to prolong the life of your flooring by protecting it with a finish for certain. All hardwoods expand, but bamboo is more likely to do so by far. There are prefinished eco-friendly bamboo flooring styles available and we highly recommend this type of finish if you need to finish the flooring.

Secondly, get samples! Don’t rush into anything. Selecting your favorite color and style can be easier when you have samples shipped to your home first. Bamboo flooring is available in more colors and designs than ever before. Having an actual sample in your hands at home when making your decision on flooring is extremely helpful. Check out Lumber Liquidators for this.

Additionally, understand your needs. Bamboo floors come in three main fabrication forms: solid, engineered and stranded. Solid bamboo floors are fabricated and produced by slicing a bamboo plant into strips, then binding the slices together. These floors are typically available in vertical or horizontal patterns. Engineered bamboo floors have a secondary layer, such as plywood, located under the bamboo layer and employ a connecting system, (tongue-and-groove, micro-bevel, click and lock, et.) Stranded bamboo flooring is the most durable and virtually indestructible. Stranded bamboo flooring is made from pulverized bamboo plants. Literally smashed into thousands of thin strands, the shreds are then blended together, creating one of the most hard-wearing floors on the market today. Obviously this style will dig deeper into your wallet.

Lastly, how long do you intend to have the flooring? The sturdiness of a bamboo floor is affected by its treatment process and age at time of harvest. Carbonized bamboo, like soft hardwood Black Walnut, is a great deal softer than its natural counterpart. Minimum harvesting age is typically 3 years, and by the time bamboo reaches 10 years of age, its hardness will emulate mahogany. Unfortunately not all companies use mature bamboo. Be aware.

Bottom line, read as much as possible about how bamboo is made into flooring. Learn about quality versus cost and go from there. Like anything else in the world we live in, cost will depend on quality. This website works hard to only advocate high quality producers of bamboo flooring. The more you understand about bamboo, the better, most informed decisions will be made on your part when shopping!