The very idea of  creating Cali Bamboo was conceived after an epic worldwide surf trip between two good friends Jeff Goldberg and Tanner Haigwood who found themselves out of cash and complacent within a year. More than seeking the perfect wave, it would seem this duo was destined to create a company that would boast not only their compassion for the planet’s environment but a business that would provide eco-chic and quality bamboo flooring, fencing and green building products to the marketplace.

Perhaps a light went off in their heads when they found themselves literally surrounded at times by trash washed up on some of the most amazing surf spots they had visited. Whatever their moment of clarity was, we are certainly thankful they have worked so very hard to combine earth-consciousness with quality bamboo building products and more.

Cali Bamboo was stared in 2004 and donates 1% of its revenue to various environmental organizations. This company’s mission is to promote usage of bamboo as the most effective and sustainable material for everyday products use. Seeking a healthful planet through usage of such sustainable products like bamboo is the name of the game.


In 2008 Cali Bamboo founders are named Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists. The very next year, in 2009, they earned the top stop as Ernst and Young Entrepreneurs of the Year. This is just the start of their quest to donate funds and become recognized heavily with the green business sector and in the city of San Diego where their corporate offices and headquarters are located.


For amazing quality and innovative design be sure to browse the flooring, decking, fencing, plywood, lumber, slats, poling, paneling, trimming, matting, accessories and much more. All made from bamboo.

Their “saving the planet one customer at a time” approach coupled with a seamless transparency not only invites you to browse with confidence but compels you to make the eco-conscious decision to shop for your next home improvement project and house design at Cali Bamboo. The website is easy to shop and extremely interactive providing useful bamboo product information and suggested projects.

Our favorite Cali Bamboo flooring product is the Organic Bamboo Flooring Series. Aside from quality, what stands out to us here at is that each product has a complete description about the production process from growth to manufacturing. You simply do not find this type of transparency at your typical flooring company folks.

Our topmost recommended home decor product at Cali Bamboo is the Palm Thatching products. If these cool coverings do not inspire you to “go island” in your back yard what will we ask?

Worth Mentioning

Cali Bamboo is more involved in community and environmental issues and donates more revenue and endorses the eco-friendly lifestyle more than any other bamboo flooring company we are aware of here at It is one thing to purchase bamboo flooring and bamboo home products for their look, design and quality, it is another thing to buy from a company that sells quality and has just as much passion for the planet’s health as it does when providing a solid product.