If you are buying flooring for the first time or not, there are some interesting things to know about the product itself before you buy it. These days, consumers are more willing to investigate products before they make decisions. Now that preserving our environment is in the forefront of most of our minds, this bamboo flooring article will quickly go over some points of interest you will want to consider before installing new flooring in your home or anywhere for that matter. What’s the best material to suit your needs? Below, are a few topics to consider when making your best decision. Simply base your flooring needs on these examples

Bamboo is a grass (super hard grass that is) that regenerates rapidly, making it plentiful and not harmful to harvest in quantity.

Hardwoods are materials that several species of trees produce. They are wood and take longer to grow. Many countries have over harvested their resources (such as rainforests) causing a lull in availability in many varieties of natural hardwoods. This obviously does damage to our planet’s environment as eco-systems become destroyed in the process of harvesting. Tree farms are struggling to keep up with demand as they simply cannot support the high demand

Bamboo is usually very inexpensive. However, the price will depend on the quality of processing and finishing. Very inexpensive bamboo may not be as durable as hardwood, but like anything else, rating and quality will cause price fluctuations. You will find more about “rating” on our homepage. Bamboo flooring now comes in a large selection of types (such as “thatched” for durability

Hardwoods are more expensive to process and create, causing the price tag to be higher. Many consumers will say that there is no quality flooring better than hardwood. That is not necessarily the whole truth any more. As with anything else on the market, further development and advancements in production make some bamboo flooring even better than hardwood quality.

Bamboo is now available in several stains (colors) and styles. Like hardwood, you will not have any problem finding a great look for your needs.

Hardwoods also come in a massive variety of stains and styles. Like bamboo, you will find many different price-ranges depending on quality of manufacturing.

Now that you have a better understanding about bamboo flooring versus more traditional hardwoods and the different facts you need to consider about the products available on the market, you are that much closer to making a better decision as to what is right for you and your needs. The above links are to some very reputable online dealers that offer a great selection no matter what material you decide to purchase.