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Just How Green is Bamboo Flooring?

This is a good question, because as sustainable as bamboo the grass is, the cultivation and manufacturing process into hardwood flooring can potentially be unsustainable. In other words, it all comes down to what brand of bamboo flooring you go with. The bottom line is that some bamboo is grown with the use of synthetic [...]

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Buying Bamboo Versus Traditional Hardwood

If you are buying flooring for the first time or not, there are some interesting things to know about the product itself before you buy it. These days, consumers are more willing to investigate products before they make decisions. Now that preserving our environment is in the forefront of most of our minds, this bamboo [...]

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Bamboo Furniture Tips & Buying Guide

When you consider that bamboo hardwood flooring is eco-friendly, you should consider the fact that bamboo furniture is also. If you are new to bamboo and are interested in learning more about buying bamboo furniture, this article will serve as a go-to guide providing you will helpful hints and considerations for your purchase. As you [...]

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About Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

You are probably amazed that bamboo is used as a hardwood for flooring to begin with. Who knew there were some many variances in bamboo flooring? Well, bamboo flooring is not a new concept, but it is more popular than ever do to the need and desire to become more green and eco-friendly. Others reading [...]

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Top Reasons for Going with Bamboo Flooring

Going with bamboo flooring is an easy decision to make once you have the facts and reasons why bamboo flooring is best. The only difficult part of the process could be agreeing on the style with your partner or spouse. Selecting the style of flooring in your house will often come down to price and [...]

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Considerations for Purchasing Your New Bamboo Flooring

Some of you reading this might be reading about bamboo hardwood flooring for the first time. If this is the case, you are probably envisioning some sort of grass-style floors that cover the ground in a hut. All kidding aside, bamboo hardwood flooring has become the most eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwoods used to fabricate [...]

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Bali Using Bamboo Construction for New Chocolate Factory

In our quest to promote bamboo flooring and other bamboo construction and building supplies, often times we come across news that makes an impact on us here at BambooHardwoodFlooring.net. Not long ago, we posted an article about communities that use bamboo construction to boost local economies and build homes for those in need. That article [...]

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