When you consider that bamboo hardwood flooring is eco-friendly, you should consider the fact that bamboo furniture is also. If you are new to bamboo and are interested in learning more about buying bamboo furniture, this article will serve as a go-to guide providing you will helpful hints and considerations for your purchase.

As you may already know, bamboo is known for being a strong, fortified and economical product, but there is more to bamboo furniture than these considerations. Bamboo is extremely eco-friendly and does not harm the environment when harvested. It is a simple approach to going green, whether using it at home or furnishing your workplace. You may have thought previously about going green, once who see what bamboo furniture styles have to offer, you can easily figure out that going green is not so hard to do and no sacrifice in quality and beauty need to take place in your efforts to do so.

Below, we categorize some facts and considerations that will quickly educate you a bit more about bamboo in general and what furniture contemplations you may want to figure out when shopping for bamboo furniture. The following list of categories show you how to buy bamboo furniture, care for bamboo, and the trouble-free ways bamboo can facilitate your green plan to  become eco-friendly.

Environmental Points

Bamboo is actually a grass! Grass with very thick and strong stalks that is. It is renewable and grows rapidly. Some people that have bamboo growing on their property consider it an inconvenience because it grows so fast taking over. It actually makes a great natural fence and adds a great amount of privacy, but that is another topic an article in itself. Bamboo is found almost anywhere due to the fact that is hardy and capable of growing in many climates. Interestingly enough, bamboo has been used in building materials longer than hardwoods have. Bamboo is edible. It is being used in many new forms. It seems to us at BambooHardwoodFlooring.net, that every time we investigate bamboo, we learn a new way this great product is used.

When harvested, cut bamboo will regenerate new shoots to replace those trimmed from it. Bamboo grows to harvest age within 5 years. When to take into consideration that many hardwoods take 10 times longer, bamboo is a great alternative. Bamboo truly is the fastest growing plant. As previously mentioned, it is hardy, so maintaining it with pesticides, fertilizers and other environmentally harmful products is unnecessary.

Bamboo Furniture Facts

Bamboo is utilized for making a vast selection of furniture. Bamboo is in more demand than ever, yet it remains economical. You can easily find bamboo chairs, tables, bed frames, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, entertainment enters, bar stools, dressers and more.

Purchasing Considerations

Just because bamboo is sturdy and readily available does not mean that all companies producing furniture made of bamboo make quality items. Like any product, be sure the company you are buying from is reputable. For example, the hardware or glues used to hold the furniture together should be as sturdy and nontoxic as the bamboo itself. For those who want the greenest possible products want to ensure the stain used to shade the furniture is water based. Be sure the bamboo furniture you are about to buy is authentic bamboo, not faux. There are copy cats. Be sure the bamboo you are buying is naturally harvested and kept sustainable. Meaning the plant is kept alive to produce more, not completely cut down. Consider buying from smaller eco-friendly furniture companies. These types of companies use far more eco-friendly practices when constructing and building than many of the big name companies do that simply mass produce furniture.

Bamboo Furniture Maintenance

Bamboo furniture can be used in a variety of locations on your property – indoors and outdoors depending on the finish. When you buy bamboo furniture for outdoor usage, it is essential to do regular maintenance, just as you would with any other outdoor furniture. Be certain to keep your bamboo furniture clean following the same guiding principles as with other fabrics and materials,. Bamboo typically does not like to be soaked by rain unless it is finished. Of course it does when growing, but after it is processed, not so much. Again, no wood products like it either if they are not protected with a sealant. Wash any furniture with a solution of water and mild detergent regularly, at least every few months. You will find that most furniture comes finished with some sort of protective coating. However, because so many environmentalists like bamboo, there is a demand for unfinished (non toxic sealant produced) bamboo furniture. Inquire when purchasing.

First Time Purchase

Like anything else, if you are not used to a product, start out small. Do not buy an entire household or office full of furniture until you know it fits your personal needs. As stated earlier in this article, bamboo furniture is popular right now, that means that you can find numerous styles that will merge with your current furniture. Select a few accent pieces first if you have reservations.

We hope this article is helpful in your pursuit to find sturdy, long lasting, and environmentally conciencoius products.